I went to the KADOKAWA Musashino Museum of Art in Saitama Prefecture!

If you are interested in Japanese light novels and anime, please visit the Kadokawa Musashino Museum of Art!

In 2020, a spot called Tokorozawa-Sakura-Town was opened in Saitama Prefecture!

It is one of the largest pop culture transmission bases in Japan by KADOKAWA.

Tokorozawa-Sakura-Town has museums, cafes, shrines, hotels, etc.

The highlight is the 〝Kadokawa-Musashino-Museum〟!

Kadokawa Musashino Art Museum is a cultural complex that combines a library, an art museum, and an art museum.

The futuristic look is impactful and unique. The main building is a mysterious concrete box. You can feel as if you are in 〝ISEKAI〟(another world).

This facility has the “Manga-Ranobe-Library”. This is a spot I would recommend to people who like manga and light novels.

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〝RANOBE〟 is an abbreviation for light novel in Japanese English. An entertainment novel that adults and children can enjoy.
The collection focuses on light novels from Kadokawa Shoten and anime based on light novels.

Of course, there are also spots that people who are not interested in light novels can enjoy. The space called the bookshelf theater is a book space surrounded by bookshelves of about 8 meters.


Japan is a country with many earthquakes, so there is no custom to put luggage and tools in high positions. Of course, the same is true for small things like books. Such scenes are rarely seen anywhere else.
It’s an art because an 8-meter bookshelf is rare.

Because it is a small space, I am overwhelmed by many books.
Projection mapping will be screened here.
It is a projection mapping that projects a video on a tall bookshelf. You can enjoy sound, light and images.

There are other things related to anime. The same applies to the EJ Anime Museum (Entertainment Japan Anime Museum).
The “EJ Anime Museum” regards Japanese animation as a culture and introduces it from a unique perspective.
All the people and events that surround the work are treated as entertainment.

In addition, there are events and exhibitions for a limited time. The hotel and anime collaboration room is also one of the popular events.

If you are interested in Japanese light novels and anime, please check it out!
Tokorozawa Sakura Town’s Facebook page!

A paid ticket is required to enter the facility. The amount is for reference only.
KCM 1DAY Passport (including bookshelf theater) Saturday and Sunday
Adults 4,200 yen / Junior high school / high school students 3,400 yen / Elementary school students 2,500 yen

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